10 Interesting culinary superstitions around the world
25 Jan, 2022

10 Interesting culinary superstitions around the world

The world is no doubt a wonderful place to be in. Every corner of the globe that you go to, you will get to know about some mind-boggling facts, rituals and beliefs being followed. These superstitions have surpassed all logical reasonings, science and education. Some believe that these things originated from odd occurrences, astrology, folklore or witchcraft, while some believed some cause and effect forces to be too good to be just coincidental.

If you are wondering about something so bizarre, then let us help you get a kickstart to this journey. As we step closer towards this silly-surprising pathway, we’ll start by knowing some interesting food superstitions around the world. We have chosen culinary because we feel that over history, it has acted as a great source of folk stories and traditions. So, here is what people believe:

1. Noodles

It is believed that if you cut long noodles short, you are cutting your life short! So basically, long noodles equal long life. This belief is strongly backed up by Chinese people. Now you know the drill. Every time you feel like hogging onto some fantastic Chinese cuisine, make sure you slurp up the noodles without breaking them small.

2. Tea

It is said that if you pour milk into your tea before adding some sugar to it, then you are never getting married! So the next time you’re making this refreshing drink for yourself, you know what not to do to stay a bachelor your whole life! HAHA. There is yet another angle for this beverage, some people also believe that if there is undissolved sugar on the bottom of your cup, then someone is in love with you. Still have a chance you see!

3. Salt

Waiting for good luck to knock on your doors? Throw some salt around, over your left shoulder with the help of your right hand. This small act is said to blind and stop evil from taking your soul. This can be any salt. Your regular salt, sea salt or Himalayan Pink Salt. Just be careful that you do not spill over this salt. This is considered to be the exact opposite, a sign of a bad omen! So, we’d suggest you buy some regular salt or Buy Himalayan Pink Salt to handle this risky business with ease and confidence.

4. Silverware

Feeling lonely, you can try this one! If you drop a fork, then a woman will come to visit you. In the same way, if you drop a knife, a man will come to visit you and if a spoon, then a child. Make up your mind for whom you wish to meet and maybe you can experiment with this cool social superstition.

5. Rice

Rice has a very cute superstition. If you toss rice at a newlywed couple, then they can expect long-time good health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. Next time when you go to bless a newlywed couple, don’t forget to take some rice along.

6. Apples

Did you know that during the Jewish new year, people dip apples into honey? They do this hoping to mark the onset of a sweet new year. Maybe you can also give this sweet start to yours. Also, during old times, it is said that people used to cut an apple and count the no. of seeds it had. This helped them in predicting the number of children they will give birth to! So, if you also wish to surprise yourself, maybe you can try what they tried. Babies on board!!

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7. Serving tea

In some parts of the world, it is said that if you have a guest over and if you serve them tea, then the serving should not be split between two people. So, if one person starts serving, let them continue to do so. Do not interrupt them. This is because if stopped and shared, it can bring home lots of bad luck. Next time, be careful with the serves.

8. Oranges

This is very special and one of the most romantic ones. This superstition says that if you are giving someone a couple of oranges, then it can make the receiver fall in love with you! Less effort!!
(Pro tip- You can use this superstition in a fun conversation and suddenly surprise your crush with this gesture. “Love is in the orange”)

9. Peanuts

If you are a peanut lover, then this is for you. Many believe that they don’t bring good luck before starting certain events. So, you can also try restricting yourself from eating peanuts before any performance. Especially a play or a racing event. For once, you can observe how it works.

10. Birthday Cake and Candles

All these years, we have been blowing the candles on our cakes for the reason that it grants our wishes. But, there is another superstition that some people believe. So, going back to history, this tradition was started by Ancient Greeks who celebrated the birth of the Greek goddess Artemis by baking moon-shaped honey cakes. They lit some candles on her cake as an offering and tribute.

They also believed that such a revelry might end up attracting evil spirits. So, by saying “happy birthday” and burning/ blowing those candles, these spirits would be chased away. Many people burn and blow the candles for this reason too! Ever heard of this strange perspective? No right? Neither did we!

Truths or myths?

Well. many of you wouldn’t be holding these talks as something true. But yes, there are plenty of people who strongly believe it due to various experiences and beliefs. We are sure that some of you might not be aware of such crazy superstitions being followed even today. We, at HaveRaw, hope that you enjoyed reading this mysterious blog and gained lots of never-knew-this-before facts.

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For more such information, you can go through our “raw talks” and know some interesting facts and benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt. If you wish to share about your superstitions or anyone that you know, then you can drop them down in the comment section below. We would love to read them. Also, do let us know your views about the featured ones. Hope you all have an exciting day ahead.

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