5 amazing  benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp
10 May, 2021

5 amazing benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

In recent times, Pink Himalayan salt lamps have caught the attention of people due to their unique & pleasant appearance. There are a large number of claims surrounding these salt lamps. People have mixed opinions & experiences. There are different researches that are quoted by either critics or admirers of these lamps. However, the leading yoga & wellness centres across India, USA and Europe popularized the use of these lamps. While the demand for salt lamps is consistently increasing, it becomes imperative to understand the benefits of pink salt lamps before getting one.

What are Pink Salt Lamps?

A pink Himalayan salt lamp is crafted from a pink salt crystal. Artisans create lamps of different shapes like cylindrical, spherical and pyramid shapes. However, the most preferred are the natural ones. Shaping these lamps is a work of art and requires great precision. Artisans carve out a cavity at the inner side of the pink salt block, that makes space for an electric light bulb. The translucent nature of the pink salt block allows the light to pass through itself, but not completely. This leads to an amazing radiance that makes a pink salt lamp look very attractive.

Makes the space welcoming

When switched on, the pink himalayan salt lamp radiates its unique light. This light is dim and pleasant to the eyes. Turned on, a few hours before sleeping, the pink salt lamp can make the room feel more welcoming. The ambient light not only adds to the atmosphere but also creates positive vibes. Thus, when paired with one’s favourite plants, it can simply make the room a perfect place to rest after a heavy day of work.

Ecstasy of being surrounded by nature

Fast-paced lives and urbanization has placed people inside concrete jungles. There are hardly any natural elements that remind nature. Keeping plants & creating water bodies like a fountain or waterfall at home is one way of bringing nature to the house.  Similarly, unique shades on the pink salt lamp remind of the mighty mountains or minerals to many. So, even when one is busy in their day to day life, they can steal some moments to get connected back to nature.

Sets the mood on special events

Whether it’s watching Netflix with someone special, or a guitar jamming session with friends along with drinks, a nice dim light can light-up the occasion. A Himalayan rock salt lamp is perfect for such occasions. The radiant glow of the pink salt lamp has a soothing effect. This can help in creating a relaxing environment, no matter what the event is. Isn’t it a great idea to enjoy these special nights with a calm and peaceful mind?

Can help you sleep better

Good sleep is the key to a healthy life. Switching on a pink salt lamp in the bedroom for a few minutes before sleeping can actually help to initiate a transition process. Digital gadgets such as cell phone, smartwatch, tablet etc shall be kept at a distance. During this time, a complete sense of detachment from all kinds of thoughts can be felt. One can relax for a while and then sleep after turning OFF the light. Replacing the blue and bright light with the dim, pink light coming from the pink Himalayan salt lamp can help to fall asleep quickly and also enjoy deep sleep.>

Magnet of compliments

This might come as a surprise, but it’s true. The elegant looks of a pink salt lamp can never fail to attract compliments. Whoever sees it for the first time, definitely asks about it. Whether it’s ON or OFF, the pink salt lamp is so elegant that it never goes unnoticed.

Brings life to meditation rooms

Meditation is key to calmness and tranquillity. Some thoughtfully designed spaces can enhance the experience of meditation. Places like Matrimandir at Auroville is an excellent example of this. It’s impossible to replicate the grandness of these spaces at home. However, some of these elements can be surely brought to personal meditation spaces. A Himalayan rock salt lamp can create a positive atmosphere in the meditation room. The ambient and pleasant light radiating through this lamp can make the meditation experience very immersive.

How to identify a real rock salt lamp?

The market is flooded with fake/ sub-standard salt lamps that claim to be real. Here are a few tips that can help in identifying an authentic Himalayan salt lamp.


The original taste of pink salt should also reflect in the lamp. If it’s not the case then it can be concluded that the lamp is fake. This defining parameter can be used as the first test to confirm the authenticity of the pink salt lamp.

Effect of Humidity

Salt lamp in humid conditions starts sweating. It’s because of the natural property of pink salt to absorb the moisture from the surrounding. However, it will never grow so small that you can not use it.

Uneven tone

The pink salt by nature has a unique uneven tone. This property should be reflected in the lamp as well. However, if the surface appears to be in a uniform tone, then it raises the suspicion of the lamp being fake.

Want to buy one? It’s just one click away!

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Now that the features and benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp are discussed, it is very easy to identify a genuine one. HaveRaw along with its consumables also offers wellness products such as Himalayan pink salt lamps. These lamps are genuine and created from pink salt sourced from Khewra mines. Buying these lamps is very easy. Our team of passionate people always go the extra mile to make your shopping experience memorable. When you buy from us, the equation is beyond the buyer-seller relation. You can visit our website and buy Himalayan salt lamp in a few simple steps. You don’t just buy from us, but you join a community of health-conscious people, where everyone learns from one another.

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Disclaimer – The intention of this article to spread awareness about natural dietary alternatives that can help to live a healthy lifestyle. This, in no way, intends to replace any professional/medical treatment, medical advice or diagnosis. For any health-related problems, major or minor, please get help from a professional healthcare provider. Please consult your doctor/ medical advisor before you undertake any new health & diet routine.

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