5 Pink Foods to include in your Diet ( #5 is a ‘MUST’ know )
05 Apr, 2022

5 Pink Foods to include in your Diet ( #5 is a ‘MUST’ know )

The news is true, your body is in love with Pink Foods. Nooo, we are not talking about jellies, cotton candies, or bubble gums (Eliminate such pink foods from your diet, please). We are talking about healthy food items from the food pyramid (Yes, the one you learned in childhood)

Lately online, you might have come across healthy food recipes such as pink cabbage sandwiches, licklicious strawberry pancakes, or the viral watermelon feta salad. All these recipes hold two things in common:

a. It has a PINK ingredient
b. It is HEALTHY

Basically, we mean that pink keeps you in the pink of your health. (see what we did there) Presenting here #5 nutritious pink foods that will make your body go ‘WOW! I’ve never felt so good’

The must-have super pink foods are

#1 Pink Cabbage ( AKA Red Cabbage)

Pink Cabbage For Healthy Dier

Pink cabbage is smaller & denser than the green one. Being a cruciferous food, it comes with an abundance of nutrients, folate, minerals & vitamins. The presence of Vitamin K & Magnesium makes it an excellent choice for bone health improvement as these two are equally important as calcium.

Pink cabbage gets its luscious colour from anthocyanin. It is a type of pigment that improves the immune system, fights cancer & improves heart health by maintaining low blood pressure.

It is rich in fibre & makes you feel full, this characteristic makes it an ideal diet – an ingredient if you are on a weight-loss journey.

P.S – It has got a tongue-tickling peppery taste.

#2 Strawberry

Pink Strawberries For Healthy Diet

These bright pink, fresh, juicy & heart-shaped little berries have uncountable benefits. Strawberries are rich in all kinds of vitamins & minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, etc. Strawberries also carry rare vitamins like Vitamin B9 & B6. If you follow a vegan diet, you can consume strawberries to fulfil the Vitamin B9 deficit in your body.

The fruit is fat-free & so increases good cholesterol in your body. Moreover, it guards against cancer & strengthens your heart. Strawberries are good for your inside as well as outside. The presence of Vitamin C gives a radiant glow to your skin.

The added benefit of strawberries is that they make great dishes. You can make its smoothie, jelly, jam spread & also have it raw with pancakes, waffles & much more.

#3 Watermelon

A Woman with a hat Eating Watermelon

Do you also like sweet food but at the same time want to consume healthy food? Then satisfy your cravings with watermelon. The melon is sweet, contains 92% of water & is free from harmful cholesterol, sodium & fat.

Watermelon contains Lycopene more than any other fruit, it is an antioxidant that improves the flow of blood in your body. This lessens stress on your heart which in turn reduces the risk of a heart attack. The presence of Beta – Cryptoxanthin in it reduces the risk of getting arthritis. It is also said that vitamin A in watermelon improves eyesight.

Don’t forget to consume watermelon in Summer, it provides hydration to your body & skin.

You can consume it as a slice, drink watermelon juice, make watermelon popsicles, & of course watermelon feta salad.

#4 Beet

Betroot Healthy Salad

Nothing can beat beet. (Our #5th Pink Food is a strong competitor though) Beets provide our body with a 360-degree benefit. It has a positive effect on almost every organ. This is because beet is a vegetable that is naturally rich in nitrate. When one consumes beet the nitrate turns into nitric oxide during the digestion process.

Nitric oxide stimulates the blood flow to the muscles, it also reduces blood pressure by relaxing & widening the blood cells. This is the reason why athletes drink beet juice before practice.

Above all, beet is good for your gut & if your gut is healthy, your mind & body will also be fit. It contains numerous good bacteria that improve the digestive system & boost immunity. It is advised to eat beet if you severely suffer from constipation.

#5 Pink Himalayan Rock Salt (Last but not least)

Sprinkling Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

If you have read this blog so far, then one thing is sure, you are inclined toward adding nutritious & healthy food to your diet. But a healthy diet is not possible if you keep on adding table salt (white salt) to your healthy recipes.

Without salt, all dishes seem tasteless. It is added in almost every recipe & it also adds the risk of high blood pressure & heart disease. White salt is processed & loses all the minerals that provide health benefits. On the contrary, Pink Himalayan salt is unprocessed & brings to the table benefits of more than 84 kinds of minerals.

It is hand-harvested & hand-picked, so one can reap its benefits fully. Magnesium & Calcium are two of the prime elements of the Pink Himalayan Rock Salt. They enhance bone health by increasing bone density.

The pink colour is derived from the presence of iron which enhances hemoglobin. Unlike regular salt, pink salt doesn’t dehydrate you. The proportion of sodium is comparatively less in pink salt, so if you are someone who is facing High B.P. or heart disease, you can switch to Pink Salt.

The advantages of pink salt are dynamic. If you are having leg soreness, add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt in water & dip your leg for a few minutes. This will reduce soreness. Moreover, in many spa & sauna places, pink salt lamps are lit during massage to release stress & remove negative energy from the room.

At HaveRaw we have an in-depth understanding of Pink Himalayan Rock salt, which has led us to provide the finest Himalayan Pink Rock Salt & Himalayan salt lamps.

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