Does Pink Himalayan Rock Salt help in weight loss?
16 Jun, 2021

Does Pink Himalayan Rock Salt help in weight loss?

Social media evolved & people started getting a close look at the lives of their favourite celebrities. This sneak peek made people compare their physique, weights etc. with their favourite celebrities. The inspiration for losing weight, a lot of times comes from outside. Body transformations involve a lot of research, proper diet, coaching by experts and consistent efforts. The severe obsession with weight loss, without thoughtful planning, can push someone towards critical conditions like Anorexia. If you haven’t watched the Netflix movie ‘To The Bone’, we highly recommend it. However, the problem of obesity can’t be overlooked. Overweight & obesity can lead to lifestyle disorders. Thus, indexes like Body Mass Index, Waist to Height Ratio, etc. can help you get a recommended range of body weight. Maintaining body weight in this range can help in avoiding obesity-related disorders and stay fit. There are many lifestyle routines that are getting popular nowadays & claim to help in weight loss. Using pink Himalayan rock salt in the everyday diet is one such regimen. Many healthcare & wellness enthusiasts have been testing the effectiveness of pink salt & trying to understand its benefits in weight loss & improving metabolism. There are numerous claims & criticism from the supporters & critics. With this article, we are making an attempt to understand if using Himalayan pink salt for weight loss can help in some way or not. But before that, understanding these basics will give you a clearer idea. 

The science of weight loss

Nobody gets obese within a week or two. It’s a gradual process. Understanding this will lead to setting up realistic expectations. If someone tells you that they can help you in cutting down the weight within a few weeks then it’s obviously fishy. Just how weight increases over the period of time, losing weight will also take time. There are no shortcuts for the same. Diet and exercise are two vital components of any fit body. To put it simply, food intake determines calories in the body & exercise decides how you are utilizing those calories.  If your work involves sitting at one place for prolonged hours, then you can compensate for the same by running or cycling in the morning.  This way you can ensure that calories are burnt & it is not getting saturated and increasing the body weight.

Eating a lot of vegetables

Vegetables are packed with vital nutrients and fibres. Including them in your diet will help you gain essential vitamins and stay active throughout the day. The fibre in vegetables assists in digestion & helps in the absorption of nutrients in the body. If you enjoy eating vegetable salads, then you may consider using  Pink Himalayan rock salt along with the seasonings like pepper powder, oregano etc. This salt is saltier than the white salt, and it can help you achieve the taste with a lesser amount of salt. This way you can bring down the sodium intake in your body & avoid the health complications caused due to enhanced sodium levels.

Cutting down refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates that are often consumed through bread, polished rice leads to weight gain. A wide range of studies shows that the prolonged intake of these items results in increasing belly fat. Cutting these things from your everyday diet can make space for healthier items. Refined carbs food items are low in fibre & get digested very quickly. These items induce the feeling of fullness for some time and after some time, one feels hungry. This leads to overeating. Hence, you should opt for more suitable options like whole-grain flour-based bread, unpolished rice etc.

Observing the sodium intake

The most common analogy that is given with salt and weight gain is the retention of water due to salt. However, this weight gain is temporary & there is nothing to be worried about. What matters the most is how you cut down the excessive salt from your diet over the long run. The majority of processed & packaged foods are loaded with salt. This results in increasing sodium levels in the body & it may affect the fluid levels interfering with normal kidney functions, which leads to obesity. Thus, reducing these items from the diet is a smart idea. Alternately you can make items such as pop-corns, buckwheat, barley etc. at home & season those using pink Himalayan rock salt. Adopting healthier options is easier & all you need is willingness.

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Saying yes to a healthier lifestyle

While there is a lot of buzz around diet & exercise, the importance of a balanced lifestyle is something that is often ignored. Simple things like getting at least six hours of sleep, giving adequate rest to our bodies, engaging in recreational activities such as enjoying music, reading a book that makes you happy etc. can make wonders.

Switching to pink Himalayan rock salt is one such small step towards a healthy lifestyle. Although it is essentially sodium chloride, it is unrefined and free from chemical additives and anticaking agents. Its most natural and unadulterated form. Filled with the goodness of 84 trace elements, the pink salt is highly praised in Ayurveda and is the first choice among all kinds of salts when it comes to preparing ayurvedic medicines. This is also a reason why wellness & healthcare enthusiasts prefer pink rock salt.

One step at a time

Getting a fit and fine body is a journey. It’s always better to work towards it with small, smart & focussed steps. The small things that you do, help in getting results in the long term. Buying Himalayan pink salt for weight loss is of no use if you continue eating junk and expect the weight to reduce. Even if you are doing your research, do give a thought & stick with the authentic sources of information.

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Disclaimer – The intention of this article to spread awareness about natural dietary alternatives that can help to live a healthy lifestyle. This, in no way, intends to replace any professional/medical treatment, medical advice or diagnosis. For any health-related problems, major or minor, please get help from a professional healthcare provider. Please consult your doctor/ medical advisor before you undertake any new health & diet routine.

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