How to take care of your pink Himalayan salt lamp and usage instructions
25 Aug, 2021

How to take care of your pink Himalayan salt lamp and usage instructions

A Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp is said to be made up of Himalayan salt. Specifically, the ones found in the Khewra mines near Jhelum district. The pink colour of the lamp comes from the high concentration of minerals found in them. There are 84 trace minerals in this salt which makes it healthier than the common salt. Hence, these factors help in making the lamp glow brighter and create a very calming ambience with improved moods. Also, holistic medical practitioners have appreciated the use of pink salt lamps for their ability to purify indoor air, reduce allergies, improve your overall well-being & eliminate negative energy. They not only act as a calming or purification tool but as a perfect piece of decor. After knowing its uniqueness and its benefits, we hope that you are planning to buy a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp.

What next after buying it? We suggest you should be aware of its maintenance procedure for a long run use. So, here are some do’s and don’ts along with some tips as to how you can take good care of these lamps:2

Assembling Process: The first thing which you are supposed to do as soon as you receive your lamp is to unpack it carefully. Don’t forget that these are a little delicate and the process should be carried out smoothly. With very light hands, remove the wrapped around plastic completely.

Unplug and check the bulb: Make sure that you unplug the cord before checking if the bulb in the globe holder is fixed properly.

Fit in properly: After you screw it in the bulb holder, make sure you keep it into the Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp through the opening at the bottom. Hold and squeeze the metal spring arms and insert them well.

Adjust the wire: You are advised to settle the wire through the pre-cut wire slits at the base and then carefully put the Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp wherever desired.

Switch it on: Finally, you can switch it on. Simply plug in and feel the positivity around. Make sure that you move it around only after switching it off.

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Also, here are some Do’s and Don’ts while using Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp-


Leave the lamps on as long as you can!
You need to keep them powered up. Also, you don’t have to worry about your electricity bills as the bulb inside this lamp uses only 7-15 watt of energy which is a very less amount of electrical power. Thus, the effects on your bill will be very minimal. You should switch them on literally 24×7 because a Himalayan Salt Lamp is hygroscopic and they attract water molecules in the air that have a cleaning effect on the environment.

The negative ions released because of the evaporating water molecules have several health benefits. This helps in raising the oxygen level in your brain, leading to very high energy levels and decreased drowsiness.

Try to use coasters or placemats

It is highly advisable to keep coasters of placemats beneath your lamps. You should do this so that your lamp doesn’t capture unnecessary moisture from the surfaces where they’re kept. This will prevent them from spoiling and scratching.

Clean the lamp often

You should maintain proper lamp hygiene. Do clean it multiple times a week with a dry and damp cloth. This will remove all the dust particles and moisture that has overlapped on it. This will help the lamp function better every day.


After you buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp online, make sure you do not place it in high moisture surroundings. Especially your bathrooms, kitchen or laundry area.

Avoid putting the salt lamp on top of any electronic device. For example- TVs, refrigerators, speakers, microwaves etc. These are all moisture dripping devices and thus they can ruin your lamp

One important thing after you buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp online is that you don’t wash it directly with water. DO NOT DO THAT! Especially running water. Salt dissolves in water and if this is done then you know the rest…

With Haveraw, you can be assured of getting the best quality pink Himalayan salt lamp which is going to be there with you for years. The healing properties of this lamp are going to make you feel very energetic and positive for your long day ahead. Some people are also concerned about the safety of this lamp. You can relax! This lamp is potentially said to be safe. However, we suggest you keep it out of children ‘s and pet’s reach.

At HaveRaw, we recommend you make it a part of your life because it has a very calm and soothing effect from the energy it releases. The cheerful vibes from each lamp are going to be beneficial in long-term aspects of life. Each lamp crafted is unique in its shape and colour. Also, it earns brownie points for being an environmentally friendly source of producing light, with very little energy consumption. These are very classic pieces and would be the most peaceful additions to your workspace. Something not seen very often! You can place your orders by reaching out to us via e-mail at care@haveraw.com or call us at +919974532564. HaveRaw promises to bring the best quality products to you without any compromise and a value for money. Our team would be honoured to assist you with the easy-going purchase process. As you buy from us, you not only stand as our customer but a valuable member of our newly built family. Hence, you can buy Himalayan salt lamp from us without any hesitation.

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