How to use Pink Himalayan rock salt in cooking?
22 Jun, 2021

How to use Pink Himalayan rock salt in cooking?

Salt is one of the five basic tastes and arguably the most critical one that decides the success of any food preparation. Without salt, no meal can be complete. Balancing flavours & bringing out the aroma of different food particles, the right amount of salt satisfies the taste buds. However, not all salts taste the same. The taste of pink salt is different from table salt. This is due to the presence of trace elements & lack of bleaching. This is a reason why there are various uses of pink salt including therapeutic treatments as well as dietary ones. If you are switching from regular white salt to Pink Himalayan rock salt, this article can make this transition really easy for you. All you need to understand is a few basics that can enhance the joy of your cooking. These quick pointers will help you to adjust to a healthier salt alternative.

Identifying suitable grain size

Pink Himalayan rock salt is mined from the natural deposits that were formed a few million years ago. Huge blocks of pink salt are excavated from mine and further processed into different grain sizes. There is a wide range of grain type from fine powder to coarse, while the grain size varies from 0.2 mm to 6.0 mm. However, for most dietary preparations, the widely preferred pink salt grain size is powder & fine grain. The finer grain leads to quicker absorption in the food. Though a majority prefer a fine grain size, many opt for a coarse grain size that can be powdered at their home. If you are using the pink salt for the first time, then we recommend trying out a powdered form followed by fine grain. Trying these grain sizes can help in identifying a suitable one for you.

Storage of salt

Pink Himalayan rock salt has the natural property of absorbing moisture from the surrounding. So, to prevent pink salt from absorbing moisture, you should store it in an airtight container. We recommend choosing glass jars with airtight lids. Every time you buy HaveRaw’s pink salt, empty the salt in such jars & keep small quantities in salt sprinklers. This will allow easy sprinkling of salt and prevent the salt from catching moisture. Do keep empty bags as well. Towards the end of this article, we will recommend a fun way to recycle those.

Taste Adjustment

Pink himalayan rock salt is saltier as compared to white salt. This leads to a lesser intake of salt in your diet while bringing the same taste to the food. You may require two-three days to adjust according to the taste preferences. Try it out and you will adjust to the new salt proportion in your cooking. If you like, you may ask your loved ones for feedback. Otherwise, it’s always fun to taste your own delicacies right after cooking & finding out they are perfect.

Salt in preserved food items

Food preservation is one of the many uses of pink salt. In items such as pickles, sauces & concentrate juices salt is used as a preservative. These food items are a great way to add taste to your meals. If you are considering preparing these items at home, you can opt for pink rock salt. As you know that table salt consists of anticaking agents, you can completely avoid them from your preserved food by replacing white salt with pink salt. So when you & your loved ones enjoy them, you can do it without any worries.

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Ideal Intake

Heavy intake of salt is very dangerous. It leads to an increased amount of sodium in the body resulting in hypertension. It is one of the leading causes of deaths. It also leads to the failure of vital organs such as the heart, liver & kidney. This issue is so concerning that the WHO has set a target to cut down salt intake from the diet while recommending a daily salt intake limit of 5 grams/day for adults. Hence, we recommend avoiding the temptation of using excessive salt in your diet. You should keep in mind that exceeding prescribed salt intake limits will not help your health in any way.

Choosing a trustworthy brand

With the increasing number of brands claiming to be genuine, it becomes difficult to find an authentic one. Trying HaveRaw’s Pink himalayan rock salt and put an end to your search for the purest pink salt. HaveRaw was founded with the vision of sourcing consumables to people in their most natural form. Sourced from Khewra mine, HaveRaw’s pink salt is free from any artificial chemical impurities and filled with the goodness of 84 trace elements. HaveRaw brings the pink salt to you in its most natural & purest form, & backed with its trust, you can enjoy the health benefits of pink salt. 

Sharing responsibility & Joining the conversation

Your relationship is very important for us & we believe in creating a change together. While we bring the consumables in their most natural form to you, you can take small steps that can make the planet a better place. Remember to put the empty HaveRaw salt bags in your recyclable dry waste section. You can also consider planting saplings in HaveRaw’s empty bags. We would absolutely love to see plants growing in our bags. We believe this is the best way to recycle those bags.

In this series of blogs, we talk about health and wellness. With these quick reads, you can stay tuned with updates that can help you live a healthy life. You can join us in the comment section. Share your thoughts and views, and we would love to learn from you too. Join HaveRaw’s community by following HaveRaw on Facebook and Instagram pages.

Buying pink salt online

You can buy Himalayan pink salt by visiting our site. Within a few clicks, you can place your order with us. We will get it delivered to your doorsteps. Our relationship with you doesn’t just end after you purchase our product. In fact, you join a community of health-conscious people, where everyone learns from one another by sharing their experiences & opinions. If you have any queries or you need any assistance with any of your products, you can call us on 9974532564. Be rest assured, we will help you out.

Disclaimer – The intention of this article to spread awareness about natural dietary alternatives that can help to live a healthy lifestyle. This, in no way, intends to replace any professional/medical treatment, medical advice or diagnosis. For any health-related problems, major or minor, please get help from a professional healthcare provider. Please consult your doctor/ medical advisor before you undertake any new health & diet routine.

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