Pink Salt and Salt Lamps for spa centres
28 Sep, 2021

Pink Salt and Salt Lamps for spa centres

While entering into some places like your yoga classes, spa or massage centres, you might have noticed a salt lamp and thought of it as a decorative piece. Interestingly, they are not placed for that very purpose! They are kept there for a deeper and more meaningful reason. A Pink Salt Lamp is made from pink salt found in Khewra Mines near Jhelum District. These lamps have pink rocks that are carefully carved from the rock salt, hollowed out deep to fit in a lightbulb. Designing these lamps requires great precision. When you light them, they give out a warm, reddish-pink glow. For a fact, the renowned pink salt is much more than just for sprinkling over meals or taking a relaxing bath.

This salt claims to have 84 trace minerals which make it healthier than common salt. It is also protected from pollution for several years due to its source being a mine. Thus, it is said to be the purest form of salts today. Since pink salt is very rich in minerals, these factors help in making the lamp glow brighter and create a very calming ambience with improved moods.

Pink Salt Lamp has made its way into decor magazines as well. Not only the appeal is aesthetic but many people believe that salt lamps have health benefits, ranging from asthma relief to room detoxification. Apart from making a significant positive impact on a person’s health, there are other reasons why a person might want to use a pink salt lamp as well. The most powerful one being spreading positivity around.

Rejuvenating yourself is important

It is very crucial to understand how your physical and mental health needs to be rejuvenated on a timely basis. Today’s generation however is well aware that taking care of their body wisely can lower their ageing process as well and help them have a positive and strong attitude towards life. Well, if you are not, it’s time to start a healthy lifestyle that calls out for healthy changes whilst keeping your professional life aligned.

One should go to spa centers often to get the perfect relaxation therapy and wellness. You can also opt-in for aromatherapy. In this, the power of scent is increasingly being used for its strong therapeutic qualities. It plays a great role in the treatment of any sort of pain, as a mood booster and especially in sleep therapy. It consists of using natural oil extracts from a wide range of plants. This trend of getting a spa or massage is very exciting and personal. Along with carefully selected essential oils and techniques, music, and health recommendations, imagine them using pink salt and a pink salt lamp during the procedure. JUST WONDERFUL.

Now, let us brief you as to why salts have gained so much popularity:

  • A Polish Physicist, Felix Boczkowski, discovered the healing properties of salt in the year 1843. He observed that the workers in a salt mine had lesser respiratory issues than those working in other mines! Later, he studied and published “The breathing of salt dust” which mentioned why salt had such effective qualities. In the favour of this research and statement, he opened a health resort for spa treatments with bath salts for treating respiratory issues at first.
  • Over the years, the popularity increased and today worldwide people acknowledge this and have also understood how a healthier version of regular salt, i.e pink salt can help in this substitution.
  • It can be used to glow and heal your skin. Pink salt provides some crazy exfoliation. This is a very powerful thing, since our skin changes with time, there are high chances of dead skin cells accumulating. This in return causes your skin to look dull, dry and very rough. Thus, one of the best uses of pink salt can be as an antidote to this problem. It is the best way to refresh yourselves after a very tiring day.

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  • A spa center can use pink salt while giving the well-deserved massage to its clients because it also reduces skin inflammation and all-in-all detoxifies your skin. One of the many uses of pink salt could be as a scrub. This would work as the best way of feeling refreshed. This helps in removing clogged pores from the skin and gives you a natural look. To make a perfect scrub out of pink salt, you should take-1 cup of HaveRaw’s pink salt
  1. 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil
  2. ½ cup coconut oil
  3. 5 drops of essential oils [Lavender, Lily, Grapefruit etc]
  4. Combine coconut oil with the salt first and stir well, you will see a formation of a whipped texture. Next, add olive oil and stir well again and witness the final thickness of this luxurious body scrub.
  5. Finally, you are absolutely ready to use this ‘pink affair’ as a hand, foot or whole body scrub.
  6. TIP- Do not use it on burnt/ broken skin. Wash the spa area/ shower area thoroughly after use to avoid slipperiness.

Now, when it comes to having a pink salt lamp in these centers, they will make your client feel very relaxed and energetic by the end. This is because negative ions are released by pink salt lamps. Positive ions are thought to deplete the body’s vitality, making us feel weak and sluggish. While these ions are naturally present in the air, they are amplified by modern electronics such as cell phones, radio towers, and televisions. But, as soon as negative ions from the pink salt lamp enter into the environment, you can feel calmness and positivity around. This substance is supposed to boost energy, reduce stress, and alleviate depression. As a result, having these at a meditation center, spas, rejuvenating homes, etc can help your client or you as a customer to get an overall energy level boost.

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